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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Kersti Samuelsson

Kersti Samuelsson

 Clinical department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden

 Kersti working for many years at the Rehabilitation Medicine at the University Hospital in Linköping, where she also conducted a variety of research projects. Currently she has a position as University Occupational meaning that at least 30% of her working hours are set aside for research. Kerstis doctoral thesis (2002) focused on driving and its ergonomic aspects of manual wheelchairs. A clear majority of the studies carried out in various ways been clinically anchored with a direct opportunity to anchor the results of the clinical activities. Kersti has postdoctoral continued to conduct research in assistive technology and especially wheelchairs but also been research active in many other areas as v brain injury rehabilitation. Kersti in their research collaborated with other professionals both in Sweden and in Scandinavia. Kersti has been at the side of his research worked extensively on issues related to assessment instruments and, among other things been involved in the translation and validation of several instruments now used by occupational therapists all over Sweden.
Research Interest

 Cancer Rehabilitation, ADHD, Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol Osteoprosis, Bipolar Affective Disorders, Brain Rehabilitation, Clinical Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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