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Jagath K Premachandra

Jagath K Premachandra

Sri Lanka

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    Fundamental Corrosive Properties of Crude Oils and their Effect on the Ferrous Metals
    Author(s): Suresh Aluvihara and Jagath K PremachandraSuresh Aluvihara and Jagath K Premachandra

    Crude oils are predominantly made of organic compounds foremost hydrocarbons, trace compounds and corrosive compounds as well. The interaction between crude oils and ferrous metals causes some severe ascendency on the ferrous metals due to the corrosive compounds in crude oils with the collaboration of the chemical compositions such ferrous metals. In this research it was expected to investigate the effect of both Murban and Das Blend crude oils on the corrosion rates of seven different types of ferrous metals. The contents of sulfur, mercaptans, organic acids and salts in both crude oils were determined by to XRF analyzer, titration methods and salt analyzer while testing the chemical composition of each metal by XRF detector. Batches of similar sized metal coupons were prepared from each type of metal and the corrosion rates of each metal coupon were determined by the weight loss me.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000390

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