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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Ivan A Gargurevich

Ivan A Gargurevich
Chemical Engineering Consultant, Combustion and Process Technologies,
32593 Cedar Spring Court, Wildomar, CA 92595

  • Review Article
    Chemical Kinetic Modeling Reaction Principles
    Author(s): Ivan A GargurevichIvan A Gargurevich

    There are fundamental concepts or understandings involving chemical reactions which would be obvious to any scientist or engineer dealing with the subject on a routine basis. This may not be the case for the engineer which is assigned the task of developing a chemical reactor model including reactions for the first time. For this reason, these concepts dealing with energy, homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, as well as the various types of possible reactions between compounds will be presented here without much mathematical foundations but illustrated with diagrams or example. Knowledge of the common reactions found in chemistry could be most useful in assembling elementary reactions for the detailed reaction model... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000278

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