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Ibhadon AO

Ibhadon AO
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    The Reduction of Alkynes Over Pd-Based Catalyst Materials - A Pathway to Chemical Synthesis
    Author(s): Ibhadon AO and Kansal SKIbhadon AO and Kansal SK

    Many reactions, including selective hydrogenation of alkynes, take place on solid surfaces. These reactions are vital in many areas of industry including the manufacture of polymers and fine chemicals such as vitamins, fragrances, and drugs. The choice of a catalyst is a trade-off between activity, selectivity and costs. Palladium-based heterogeneous catalysts are traditionally used for these processes as they provide the activation of hydrogen at room temperatures and offers reasonable selectivity, but these catalysts have a number of practical drawbacks. This review discusses recent research work in the selective hydrogenation of alkynes on palladium-based catalysts, emphasises the mechanism and catalytic materials and important applications including alkyne removal from gasphase alkene precursors for polymer synthesis and liquid phase selective hydrogenation for the synthesis of fi.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000376

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