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Hassan Khalid

Hassan Khalid


  • Review Article
    The Effects of Social Networks on Pakistani Students
    Author(s): Hassan KhalidHassan Khalid

    In the present world of technology, Internet plays a vital role in student’s life. Students use the internet facility for different purposes i.e., communication, preparation, acquiring knowledge, entertainment etc. In this research, our task is to find the impact of social networks on student’s physical and psychological health. We also find that how social networks impact the academics of students. Lastly, we discuss how youngsters got compromised by their personal and private data. In the end, we figured out that the excessive use of social networks effect the students’ physical and psychological health negatively. Social Networking Platforms have a positive impact on their academics. A number of students have been harassed and their personal data has been misused due to lack of knowledge about security and privacy policies. Therefore, we suggested that social medi.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000203

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