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Hassan Khalid

Hassan Khalid


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    Root Causes for the Failure of Communication in GSD
    Author(s): Hassan Khalid, Farhat-ul-ain and Kokab KhushbooHassan Khalid, Farhat-ul-ain and Kokab Khushboo

    At the moment majorly software development organizations tends to obtain common interest by implying software development using global approach. Global software development (GSD) is the essence of this global approach. In practical GSD faces several challenges in different software development organizations. The core issue is communication which becomes more complex while using requirement change management (RCM). The focus of this work is to figure out different factors which are effected by RCM for GSD. Hypotheses are constructed and a framework architecture is proposed on which a mathematical/statistical/quantitative is applied to analyze the data. Multi-regression technique is used to analyze the hypotheses saying whether they are supported or not supported according to the developers of several software development organizations... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000201

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