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Fkirin MA

Fkirin MA


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    Seismic Refraction Method to Study Subsoil Structure
    Author(s): Fkirin MA, Badawy S and El deery MFFkirin MA, Badawy S and El deery MF

    Seismic waves are used in many fields. It can be applied on determine subsoil structure, and materials. In this work use seismograph for the measurement seismic wave propagation velocity in the real geological (subsoil layers) medium. These investigations are applied in petroleum research institute Egypt. Predication results of subsoil layers thickness and seismic wave’s velocity analysis are obtained. The seismograph recorded receiving sample data from geophones and by “SeisImager” software is extract the final seismogram. The seismograph is dependent on Snell law for wave’s propagation. The obtain result of P and S waves of this work are the same as P and S waves references. P waves are shake ground in the direction they are propagating (longitudinal waves), and S waves are shake perpendicularly or transverse to the direction of propagation. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000259

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