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Fatima S

Fatima S


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    An Automated Approach for Web Services Architectural Style Selection
    Author(s): Mohsin A, Fatima S, Khan AU and Nawaz FMohsin A, Fatima S, Khan AU and Nawaz F

    Selection of an appropriate architectural style is vital to the success a web service. The nature of architecture design and selection for service oriented computing applications is quite complex as compared to traditional software architecture. Web Services have complex and rigorous architectural styles with their own underlying architectural characteristics. Due to this, selection for accurate architectural style for web services development has become more complex decision to be made by architects. Architectural style selection is a multi-criteria decision and demands lots of experience in service oriented computing. There is a huge gap for automated selection of web services architectural styles. Decision support systems are good solution to simplify the selection process of a particular architectural style. Our research suggests an automated approach using DSS for selection of ar.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000176

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