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Fares M Howari

Fares M Howari
College of Sustainability and Human Sciences,
PO Box 144534, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

  • Research Article
    Evaluation of Chemical and Petrographic Characteristics of Silica Sand from Tabuk in Saudi Arabia
    Author(s): Fares M HowariFares M Howari

    Silica sand is one of the most common varieties of sand, and it is used in industrial applications throughout the world. The application depends on the purity, grain size and chemical characteristics. In the present study, X-ray, chemical and petrographic analyses were used to study sand deposits from Tabuk area in Saudi Arabia. The collected samples from the site are composed of 98% quartz (SiO2 ), with very minor traces of carbonate and dark minerals which account for the rest of the sample constituents. The examined individual quartz grains have excellent purity, and about 98% of the grains were white transparent pure silica. The grains are mainly rounded to sub-angular. The chemical analysis indicated that the percentages of major oxides of Si, Al, Cr, Fe, and Ti were 97%, 1.5%, % <0.006%; 0.035%, and 0.0531% respectively. The grains sizes are fine and their sizes co.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000200

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