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Fahad Ahmed Al-Abbasi

Fahad Ahmed Al-Abbasi

Saudi Arabia

  • Mini Review
    Technical Aspects of 3-Dimentional Culture of Mammalian Cells
    Author(s): Ahmed Mohamed Al-Abd and Fahad Ahmed Al-AbbasiAhmed Mohamed Al-Abd and Fahad Ahmed Al-Abbasi

    Three dimensional-tissue culture systems of human solid tumor cells has been implemented for effective chemotherapeutic screening and to avoid the disadvantages of the over simplified monolayer tissue culture system. The influence of tumor microenvironment to tumor therapeutics and screening of new anticancer drugs has been found to significant. The complex tumor microenvironment is poorly represented in the simple monolayer tissue culture system. The 3D culture models closely imitate several in vivo conditions of solid tumors in terms of geometry and expression of microenvironment. . However, several technical obstacles might discourage the use of this culture model. In the current mini-review, we are presenting the exact protocol for culturing mammalian cell as three dimensional tissue culture systems (multicellular spheroids and mult.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0501.1000134

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