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Elaziouti A

Elaziouti A
University of the Science and the technology of Oran (USTO M.B),
BP 1505 El M'naouar 31000 Oran

  • Research Article
    Effect of pH Solution on the Optical Properties of Cationic Dyes in Dye/Maghnia Montmorillonite Suspensions
    Author(s): Elaziouti A, N. Laouedj and Bekka AhmedElaziouti A, N. Laouedj and Bekka Ahmed

    The interaction of three cationic dyes (Methylene blue, MB; Neutral red, NR; and Malachite green oxalates, MG) with montmorillonite clay from Maghnia deposit in aqueous suspensions was investigated using visible absorption spectroscopy. The stability of the optical properties of dyes in aqueous solutions and in dye/clay suspension was assessed in terms of the absorption bands maxima as a function of pH. The optimal pH for favorable adsorption of the dyes, i.e. ≥ 90% has been achieved in aqueous solutions at 6 for NR and at 7 for both MB and MG respectively. The adsorption of MB leads to the methacromatic effect. MB agglomerates occurred predominantly in the clay with high charge density, even with low charge density. The redistribution of MB molecules over the surface of clay at higher acidic medium causing a reduction of the dye aggregation. However, the interactions of NR and .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7048.1000113

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