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Eigbike CO

Eigbike CO

Eigbike CO Department of Geology University of Benin, Nigeria

Eigbike Osadolor Collins is an Assistant Lecturer, Environmental Management and Toxicology Department, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria. He teaches General Geology, Introduction to field Geology, Geochemistry, Introduction Hydrogeology, and Environmental Geology. Supervise students’ seminar and project work. Eigbike research areas focus in assessing the fate, transport and imparts of contaminant- heavy metals, pesticides, PAH etc on the environment with emphasis on the Soil and Groundwater system. Remediation of contaminated and polluted sites- Soil and Groundwater. Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Waste Management and Treatment plans. Eigbike has attended and presented paper at both local and international conferences of The Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society and Nigerian Association Hydrogeologist.
Research Interest

Environmental Geochemistry and Toxicology with emphasis on the fate, monitoring and remediation of contaminant in the soil and groundwater system.

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