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Dorrian J

Dorrian J

Social Work and Social Policy, C1-06 Magill Campus, St Bernards Rd, Magill, SA 5072

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    A Case Study Investigating a Behavioural Intervention to Reduce Caffeine Consumption
    Author(s): Morphett L, Heath G, McIntosh W and Dorrian JMorphett L, Heath G, McIntosh W and Dorrian J

    This case study investigated a behavioural intervention to reduce caffeine consumption in a 50-year-old female with a 35-year history of consuming >350 mg caffeine per day. The participant completed a behaviour diary for 10-weeks, recording amount of caffeine consumed, type of caffeinated drink, time, location, who she was with and the activity in which she was engaged. She also completed a 10-point performance scale, and recorded tiredness and headaches. Baseline data was recorded for one week, and then Functional Behavioural Analysis of the diary data was used to design an intervention. A graduated intervention was implemented: Stage 1 (1-week), caffeine<=160 mg/day; Stage 2 (1-week), caffeine<=80 mg/day; Stage 3 (7-weeks), caffeine<=35 mg/day. Caffeine was reduced to planned levels during the intervention period. Perceived performance ratings were significantly improved.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0420.1000186

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