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Didei IS

Didei IS


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    Paleocurrent Analysis of the Sandstone Body in Akpoha and its Enviorns (Lower Benue Trough) South-East Nigeria
    Author(s): Akana TS and Didei ISAkana TS and Didei IS

    Palocurrent analysis study was carried out in Amsiri, Akpoha and its environing in the lower Benue Trough. This study was carried out to determine the direction of ancient flow. Compass/clinometers were used to obtain several measurements from outcrops within the study area. Sedimentary structures were also observed in the study area which includes tabular cross stratification, beddings, herribone structures, asymmetrical ripples and trough cross beds. Asymmetrical ripples and trough cross beds indicates a low energy current. Tabular cross stratifications, herribone structures, where formed by high energy currents. The herribone structures are evidence of different paleocurrent directions as they are formed when current periodically flows in opposite directions. Based on the Rose diagram plot, the paleocurrent direction pointed at two directions; NE direction in location 2 and 3 which.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000309

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