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Dariotis JK

Dariotis JK

Dariotis JK Center for Adolescent Health The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore, USA

Dariotis JK Curreently working as an Associate professor at John Hopkins school of public health. EDUCATION PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2005 MAS, Pennsylvania State University, 2005 MS, Pennsylvania State University, 2002 MA, Columbia University - Teachers College, 1999 OVERVIEW Dr. Dariotis is a multidisciplinary family researcher and developmentalist focusing on understanding family formation decision-making (in terms of fertility and romantic unions) and risk-taking tendencies (sexual and substance use) across the lifespan beginning in childhood through middle adulthood. Of particular interest are the biological and familial determinants of fertility and romantic relationship intentions in youth and how life-course competition variables influence those intentions and subsequent behaviors over time. She has been involved in numerous state-wide prevention and intervention program evaluations while completing her graduate degrees in Human Development and Family Studies as well as Statistics. In the fall of 2005, Dr. Dariotis joined the faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is currently an investigator on two projects at the Center on Adolescent Health that focus on examining men’s developmental trajectories in terms of their reproductive health and transition into marital and parental roles.Her current study, the HONESTY (HOrmone and NEurological Survey of Texting Youth) Project, examines how emotional regulation, executive cognitive functioning, and hormones are associated with risk behavior in regard to HIV and other health consequences in 130 HIV-negative 18-24 year old men and women in and around Baltimore. Biological and social data are collected (e.g., fMRI, saliva, swabs, urines, surveys, texted items).  
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