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D. J. Kuik

D. J. Kuik


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    A Dutch Cohort Study Confirms Familial Occurrence of Anogenital Lichen Sclerosus
    Author(s): G. Kirtschig and D. J. KuikG. Kirtschig and D. J. Kuik

    Background: Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory disease mainly affecting the anogenital site chiefly in postmenopausal women with an increased risk of anogenital cancer. Its aetiology is unknown; evidence is accumulating that genetic factors increase the risk of LS in families. Objective: To evaluate the familial occurrence of anogenital lichen sclerosus in a cohort of Dutch individuals with lichen sclerosus. Method: To evaluate the familial occurrence of genital LS a questionnaire was given to individuals with confirmed LS attending an annual LS meeting asking for LS in family members with an option of a “certain”, “likely”, “not known”, “definitely not” diagnosis of LS. Results: One hundred and seventeen of 170 individuals returned .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0420.1000209

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