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Clara Saldarriaga

Clara Saldarriaga

Clara Saldarriaga University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

Clara Saldarriaga is a Cardiology professor in University of Antioquia, since 2010 to date and also Head of the cardiology program in Pontificia Bolivariana University, since 2011 to date. Her educational background includes Undergraduate Studies from Jesús María School-Medellín 1994; Medical School from University of Antioquia -Medellín, Colombia 2002; Internal Medicine Residency-University of Antioquia - Medellín, Colombia 2008; Cardiology-Pontificia Bolivariana University, Medellín, Colombia 2010. She has several Scientific Societies Memberships like American College of physicians-Member of the Colombian chapter since 2010, Colombian society of cardiology-President of the Antioquia chapter since 2011, Colombian Association of internal medicine-Member since 2008. Her International Rotations include Heart failure service -Yale University-Yale New Haven Hospital 2001; Cardiac transplantation service. Reina Sofía Hospital , Cordoba- Spain 2009; Cardiology service- Clinic Hospital ,Barcelona-Spain 2009. Publications: Home Continuous Positive Inotropic Infusion Therapy as a bridge to cardiac trasplantation in patients with end stage heart failure. Upadya S, Lee F, Saldarriaga C, Verma S et al. The journal of heart lung and transplantation. 23: (4), 466-472. ISSN 10532498 Comparative costs of home positive inotropic infusion versus in-hospital care in patients awaiting cardiac transplantation. SP Upadya, A Sedrakyan, C Saldarriaga, K Nystrom, J Bozzo, FA Lee, and SD Katz. J Card Fail, 2004; (10): 384-9 ISSN:1071-9164 The usefulness of endomyocardial biopsy in heart failure syndrome. Acta Med Colomb, July/Sept. 2008, 33:(.3) 131-134. ISSN 0120-2448. Heart failure associated to imatinib mesylate use. Saldarriaga C, Rendón J, Senior JM. Revista Colombiana de cardiología, 2008, 15: (16) 299-299. Endocarditis by P. variotti-Senior JM, Saldarriaga C,Biomédica .29 ( 2) 177- 80. Risk factors for premature coronary disease in women-Saldarriaga C, Franco Gloria, Garzon A, et al. Biomédica, 30 (4) 2010: 559-566 Diagnostic value of the «beyond ST» parameters in the stress test interpretationSaldarriaga C, Franco G, Escobar C, et al. Rev. Colom. Cardiol. 17(.4) 151-156 Clinico-epidemiological description of patients with acute heart failure presenting to the emergency department-Senior JM, Saldarriaga C, Rendón J. Acta Med Colomb Vol. 36 Nº 3 ~ 2011: 125-130.  Safety and effectiveness of levosimendan administration without loading dose in a specialized heart failure unitSenior JM, Saldarriaga C, Aristizabal J, Rendón J. Acta Médica Colombiana . 36(2) 68-72. Prognostic value of C-reactive protein in patients with acute myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. Saldarriaga C, Ramirez JD, Cardona M et al. Revista Colombiana de cardiología, 18 (5): 268-72. Cardiac remodeling in patients with myocardial infarction secondary to penetrating heart wound. Senior JM, Saldarriaga C, Navas C, et al ACTA MEDICA COLOMBIANA 37 (1).
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