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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Brooks KA

Brooks KA
Department of kenesiology & Military Studies,

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    Remote Monitoring Foot Inserts Used to Enhance Sports Performance through Increased Range of Motion

    Author(s): Brooks KABrooks KA

    Introduction: The RPM2 device (1) is a wireless, remote monitoring, pressure sensing device used for sports performance enhancement. Methods: Participants (N=60) reported to the biomechanics laboratory for pre-testing and post-testing, as well as once each week, over a 12-week period, to perform pre-selected exercises programmed into the RPM2 device. The participants inserted the RPM2 device into their shoes prior to testing. Pre and post testing of joint range-of-motion (ROM) was measured by a goniometer, and through video analysis (age 23.10 ± 5.60 years; height 177.34 ± 6.42 cm; body mass 77.39 ± 12.55 kg). The two-mile run was used to assess the aerobic fitness and leg muscles’ endurance. Results: A significant increase in ROM in the hip, knee, and ankle were found, when using .. View More»


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