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Ashutosh Mishra

Ashutosh Mishra

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

  • Research Article
    Changing Climate of Uttarakhand, India
    Author(s): Ashutosh MishraAshutosh Mishra

    India has a unique climate system dominated by the monsoon, and the major physiographic features that drive this monsoon are its location in the globe, the Himalayas, the central plateau, the western and Eastern Ghats and the oceans surrounding the region. The country is considered highly vulnerable to climate change, not only because of high physical exposure to climate-related disasters, but also because of the dependency of its economy and majority of population on climate-sensitive sectors (e.g. agriculture, forests, tourism, animal husbandry and fisheries). The Himalayan Region comprises of the highest mountain system of the world, the Himalayas and the North- Eastern hill states. Being the home of some very large and important glaciers (viz. Gangotri, Ponting, Milam, Pindari etc) the state of Uttarakhand has remained in centre of climate change discussions since over three decad.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6755.1000163

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