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Arie (Lev) Gilat

Arie (Lev) Gilat

Jerusalem (Ret.)

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    Sodom and Gomorrah: Fires Created by Ignition of Combustible Gases by Earthquake-Impelled Thermobaric-Hydrothermal Explosions
    Author(s): Arie (Lev) Gilat and Alexander VolArie (Lev) Gilat and Alexander Vol

    Based on results of our tectonic-geochemical researches in the western Dead Sea area, which were published only as not easily accessible conference abstracts, proceedings, etc., as well as on new very relevant publications on Plio-Pleistocene mud-volcanism there, we attempt to show that some of the tectonic earthquakes in the area resulted in thermobaric-hydrothermal explosions and fires. This natural mechanism produced breccias with open spaces, concentric and radial fractures, caves and the patina containing micro-particles of soot and metals. Explosions of mini and medium scale have been apparently generated by earthquake-expelled heated to 120-150?C hydrothermal liquid transporting light hydrocarbons and hydrogen-sulfide. When reaching near atmospheric pressure it instantly becomes steam with corresponding volume increases of up to 1700 times. These give rise to the pulverization .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000202

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