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Amah Joseph Idu

Amah Joseph Idu
Enugu State Water Corporation,
GRA, Enugu

  • Research Article
    Threats to Water Resources Development in Nigeria
    Author(s): Amah Joseph IduAmah Joseph Idu

    “Threats to Water Resources Development” is a broad topic having global and national dimensions. Even though these threats cut across international boundaries, this paper focuses on the Nigerian geographical boundaries. We start with the general understanding that our water resources are made up of surface and groundwater components which are hydraulically connected. Secondly, these threats arise from two causes; natural and anthropogenic. The natural causes include all those adverse fallouts from climate change and hydrological extremes: well failures in shallow aquifers due to imbalance in seasonal precipitation and abstraction in the Sahel; sea level rise with attendant salt water intrusion in the coastal aquifers, decreased discharge rate of surface waters due to soil moisture deficits. The man-made threats include industrial wastes, effluents and oil spillages. Salini.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000205

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