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Ali Haydar Gültekin

Ali Haydar Gültekin

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    Geochemical Characteristics of Sedimentary Manganese Deposit of Binkılıç, Trache Basin, Turkey
    Author(s): Ali Haydar Gültekin and Nurgul BalcıAli Haydar Gültekin and Nurgul Balcı

    The Bink?l?ç manganese deposit, occurring in the Congeria and Fish Series of the Oligocene in Thrace Basin, is associated with relatively rapid marine transgressions and regressions across older basement rock and is called as shallow-marine basin-margin deposit. The geochemical characteristics of the deposit were examined by means of major oxide, trace and rare elements (REE) contents and the origin of mineralization was discussed. The deposit contains lower Mn / Fe ratios than those of hydrothermal and sedimentary exhalative deposits. The concentrations of Ba, Co, Sr, Cu, Zn and Ni are closely related to the increase of manganese content and indicate the element’s nature in various manganese minerals. According to trace element spider diagram normalized to shale composite NA, the ore is clearly enriched in Sr, Ni while distinctly depleted in Rb. The chemical analysis res.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000336

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