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Alaa Hassan

Alaa Hassan


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    Design and Implementation of an Android Game: Duelling Phone
    Author(s): Alaa HassanAlaa Hassan

    This paper presents the design and implementation of a unique two person Android game, called ‘Duelling Phone’. To the Author’s best knowledge, the reported game has never been implemented before. The Model-View Controller (MVC) design pattern has been applied, as it represents a pattern for the Graphical User Interface. This particular design pattern has been used in order to separate the data from the visual representation, since it consists of three separate parts. The ‘model’ represents the actual data in the program, while the ‘view’ only illustrates the user interface. The ‘controller’, finally, controls the process of the communication between the view and the model. The process that has been followed in order to implement this application is ‘Rapid Application Development’ (RAD), which represents.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000172

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