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Akinde AS

Akinde AS


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    IFEWARA MYLONITE: Identifying the Neo-Tectonic Overprint Using Integrated Geophysical Methods
    Author(s): Akinde AS, Adepelumi AA and Dikedi PNAkinde AS, Adepelumi AA and Dikedi PN

    Integrated surface electrical resistivity and ground magnetic survey was carried out across the Ifewara Mylonite zone of Southwestern Nigeria. The previous remote sensing images and Proton Precision Magnetometer (PPM) data from previous observations along four traverses were used together to map the prominent fault/shear zone in the Precambrian Basement Complex. The aim of the research work was to delineate the shear zone as indicated by Mylonite. Dipole–Dipole DC resistivity profiling data were acquired at 10 m interval along four traverses established in approximately East-West direction across the location of suspected shear zone. Magnetic data were also acquired at 5 m interval along the traverses. Topographic corrections were made on the resistivity data, which were subsequently inverted using a Finite Difference (FD) and Finite Element (FE) approach. Numerical Modelling (N.. View More»

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