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Abdullah Bin Junaid

Abdullah Bin Junaid

Slovak republic

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    Cosmeceutical Consumption Behaviour amongst Males in Indian Market Analysis of Determinants and Influencing Factors
    Author(s): Abdullah Bin Junaid and Reshma NasreenAbdullah Bin Junaid and Reshma Nasreen

    The purpose of this study was to understand the key determinants influencing the consumption behaviour of males in the Indian cosmeceutical market. The purpose of this research is to determine different factors that influence male consumption behaviour for different types of male cosmeceutical products in the India market. The focus has been given to males in the age group of 15-50 years in selected states around Delhi. The focus will be on the perception and predisposition that men have towards the cosmeceutical product types. There are different questions related to male cosmeceutical product consumption and which are yet to be answered. To find out the answers of such questions this study is carried out focusing on the male consumption behaviour and more precisely on the factors that are associated with their behaviour. The data was collected through questionnaire from a sample of .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.21065/1920-4159.1000236

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