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AA Feyzullayev

AA Feyzullayev

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    Migration Pathways of Hydracarbons in South-Caspian Basin
    Author(s): AA FeyzullayevAA Feyzullayev

    In paper features of migration of hydrocarbons (primary, secondary and tertiary) in geological conditions of the South-Caspian basin (SCB) are considered. On the assumption of non-uniform character of the industrial petroleum content, regularities of variation in space litho facial characteristics of rocks and development of overpressures, about various efficiency of expulsion of hydrocarbons from source rocks in various parts of SCB is concluded. Considering, that the layers generating and accumulating hydrocarbons, are shifted in a sedimentary section relative to each other, as well as the young age of petroleum fields, predominance in SCB sub vertical secondary migration along faults, cracks systems and channels of mud volcanoes is proved. Evidences of reformation and destruction of the subsurface hydrocarbon accumulations are: industrial petroleum content in young deposits (lying .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6755.1000127

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