Mathematica Eterna
Open Access

ISSN: 1314-3344

Volume 7, Issue 4 (2017)

Research Article

Pages: 313 - 318

The Fractional Integral Operator and I-Function

Dinesh Singh and Renu Jain

Research Article

Pages: 319 - 356

Information Hiding with Data Diffusion using Convolutional Encoding for Super-encryption

J M Blackledge, P Tobin, J Myeza and C M Adolfo

Research Article

Pages: 357 - 373

Relation between S-Metric And M-Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Zeinab Hassanzadeh, Atena Javaheri,Shaban Sedgh and Nabi Shobe

Research Article

Pages: 375 - 380

The Classification of 4-dimensional Leibniz Superalgebras

Qi Nie, Zhen Li

Research Article

Pages: 381 - 406

The asymptotics of the generalised Bessel function

R. B. Paris

Research Article

Pages: 417 - 438

LÈvy processes, martingales, reversed martingales and orthogonal polynomials

Pawe˜J. Szab˜owski

Research Article

Pages: 447 - 454

On Jacobsthal and the Jacobsthal-Lucas sedenions and several identities involving these numbers

Cennet C¸ imen and Ahmet ˙Ipek

Research Article

Pages: 455 - 462

Right distributive QI-algebras with pseudo-valuations

Magdalena Wojciechowska-Rysiawa