Mathematica Eterna
Open Access

ISSN: 1314-3344

Volume 3, Issue 6 (2013)

Research Article

Pages: 403 - 420

Deformation Properties Of G-Anr Spaces

Armando Mata-Romero, Angelina Alvarado-Monroy, Alejandra Soria-P´erez

Research Article

Pages: 421 - 432

On the Distribution of the Product and the Sum of Generalized Shifted Gamma Random Variables

Pushpa N. Rathie, Arjun K. Rathie and Luan C. de S. M. Ozelim

Research Article

Pages: 433 - 448

Relation connecting Zagreb co-indices on Three graph Operators

A. R. Bindusree, V. Lokesha, P. S. Ranjini and A. Bayad

Research Article

Pages: 449 - 458

Generalized triangle algebras

Yong Chan Kim

Research Article

Pages: 459 - 462

Kahlerian Space with Bochner Curvature Tensor

Dr. T.S. Chauhan, Dr. Indiwar Singh Chauhan and Priyanka Tiwari

Research Article

Pages: 463 - 472

Approximation Solution to a Three Dimensional Free Convective Flow of Hydromagnetic Porous Plate

T.S.Chauhan and I.S.Chauhan and Shikha

Research Article

Pages: 473 - 487

Iterating Linear Causal Recurrence Relations

Mircea Ion Cˆırnu

Research Article

Pages: 489 - 496

Plane Gravitational Waves with Cosmic Strings in Bimetric Relativity

S.D. Deo and Sulbha R. Suple

Research Article

Pages: 497 - 500

Two Very Special Pythagorean Triangles

Dr. Mita Darbari