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Articles published in Advances in Pediatric Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Advances in Pediatric Research has got h-index 9, which means every article in Advances in Pediatric Research has got 9 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

25 19 10 19 17 9

Year wise citations received

66 69 40 31 20 14
Journal total citations count 264
Journal impact factor 4.28
Journal 5 years impact factor 5.68
Journal cite score 5.45
Journal h-index 9
Journal h-index since 2017 9
Important citations

moores cj, miller j, perry ra, chan ll, daniels la, vidgen ha, et al. (2017) consort to community: translation of an rct to a large-scale community intervention and learnings from evaluation of the upscaled program. bmc public health 17:918.

jones m, verity f, warin m, ratcliffe j, cobiac l, swinburn b, et al. (2016) opalesence: epistemological pluralism in the evaluation of a systems-wide childhood obesity prevention program. evaluation 22:29-48.

jones m, verity f (2017) partnerships in obesity prevention: maximising co‐benefits. health promotion journal of australia 28:44-51.

perry ra, daniels la, bell l, magarey am (2017) facilitators and barriers to the achievement of healthy lifestyle goals: qualitative findings from australian parents enrolled in the peach child weight management program. j nutr educ behav 49:43-52.

bell l, ullah s, olds t, magarey a, leslie e, jones m, et al. (2016) prevalence and socio-economic distribution of eating, physical activity and sedentary behaviour among south australian children in urban and rural communities: baseline findings from the opal evaluation. public health 140:196-205.

farrow c, tarrant m, khan s (2016) using social identity to promote health: the impact of group memberships on health in the context of obesity. inaddiction, behavioral change and social identity. pp.64-82.

farrow c, tarrant m, khan s (2016) using social identity to promote health. addiction, behavioral change and social identity: the path to resilience and recovery.

tayab a, hasan j, hassan k (2019). frequency of nutritional rickets among suspected rickets cases in dhaka shishu (children) hospital, sher-e-bangla nagar, dhaka 9:24447-24451.

john vx (2017) factors affecting inadequate growth during early childhood in guyana, south america.

sultana p, rahman mm, akter j (2019) correlates of stunting among under-five children in bangladesh: a multilevel approach. bmc nutrition 5:41.

adeoye oa, adeomi aa, abodunrin ol, olugbenga-bello ai, abdulsalam st (2015) awareness of occupational hazards and health problems among sawmill workers in osun state, nigeria. int j res rev 2:1-14.

fatiregun fa, adejugbagbe am (2016) nutritional status of under-fives in rural and urban communities of southwest, nigeria. world academics research journal 2:64-73.

rachim an, pratiwi r (2017) hubungan konsumsi ikan terhadap kejadian stunting pada anak usia 2-5 tahun. jurnal kedokteran diponegoro 6:36-45.

hadju v, yunus r (2017) nutritional status of infants 0-23 months of age and its relationship with socioeconomic factors in pangkep. 9:71-76.

gleason km, valeri l, shankar ah, hasan mo, quamruzzaman q, rodrigues eg, et al. (2016) stunting is associated with blood lead concentration among bangladeshi children aged 2-3 years. environ health 15:103.

das s, gulshan j (2017) different forms of malnutrition among under five children in bangladesh: a cross sectional study on prevalence and determinants. bmc nutrition 3:1.

chowdhury mr, rahman ms, khan mm, mondal mn, rahman mm, billah b (2016) risk factors for child malnutrition in bangladesh: a multilevel analysis of a nationwide population-based survey. j pediatr 172:194-201.

leonchuk ss, shchurova en, popkov da, chibirov gm, bidiamshin rr, gatamov o (2018) correction of foot deformities using triple arthrodesis and its effect on soft tissue blood supply at surgical site in patients with cerebral palsy. travmatologiya i ortopediya rossii 24:32-43.

divovich gv, vinnik ab, prislopsky aa, marinchik ab (2019) possibilities of three-joint foot arthrodesis during surgical correction of its multidirectional deformations.

dequeker g, van campenhout a, feys h, molenaers g (2018) evolution of self‐care and functional mobility after single‐event multilevel surgery in children and adolescents with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. dev med child neurol 60:505-512.

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