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Articles published in Advances in Pediatric Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Advances in Pediatric Research has got h-index 9, which means every article in Advances in Pediatric Research has got 9 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

25 19 10 19 17 9

Year wise citations received

66 69 40 31 20 14
Journal total citations count 264
Journal impact factor 4.28
Journal 5 years impact factor 5.68
Journal cite score 5.45
Journal h-index 9
Journal h-index since 2017 9
Important citations

hayes na (2019) early indicators of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (fasd) in a cohort of uruguayan infants with known levels of alcohol exposure (doctoral dissertation, northwestern university).

bakhireva ln, shrestha s, garrison l, leeman l, rayburn wf, stephen jm (2018) prevalence of alcohol use in pregnant women with substance use disorder. drug alcohol depend 187:305-10.

bakhireva ln, holbrook bd, shrestha s, leyva y, ashley m, cano s, et al. (2019) association between prenatal opioid exposure, neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, and neurodevelopmental and behavioral outcomes at 5–8 months of age. early hum dev 128:69-76.

bakhireva ln, lowe j, garrison lm, cano s, leyva y, qeadan f, et al. (2018) role of caregiver-reported outcomes in identification of children with prenatal alcohol exposure during the first year of life. pediatr res 84:362.

stephen jm, flynn l, kabella d, schendel m, cano s, savage dd, et al. (2018) hypersynchrony in meg spectral amplitude in prospectively-identified 6-month-old infants prenatally exposed to alcohol. neuroimage: clinical 17:826-34.

shrestha s, jimenez e, garrison l, pribis p, raisch dw, stephen jm, et al. (2018) dietary intake among opioid-and alcohol-using pregnant women. substance use & misuse 53:260-9.

chen yh, saby j, kuschner e, gaetz w, edgar jc, roberts tp (2019) magnetoencephalography and the infant brain. neuroimage.

page k, leeman l, bishop s, cano s, bakhireva ln (2017) hepatitis c cascade of care among pregnant women on opioid agonist pharmacotherapy attending a comprehensive prenatal program. matern child health j 21:1778-1783.

lowe j, qeadan f, leeman l, shrestha s, stephen jm, bakhireva ln (2017) the effect of prenatal substance use and maternal contingent responsiveness on infant affect. early hum dev 115:51-9.

bakhireva ln, shrestha s, gutierrez hl, berry m, schmitt c, sarangarm d (2015) stability of phosphatidylethanol in dry blood spot cards. alcohol and alcoholism 51:275-80.

andersen bm (2019) central implanted venous access port. inprevention and control of infections in hospitals. pp.569-579.

vachal k (2019) promoting youth occupant restraint based on need. int j inj contr saf promot 26:12-15.

nazif-munoz ji, nandi a, ruiz-casares m (2018) protecting only white children: the impact of child restraint legislation in brazil. journal of public health.

nazif-munoz ji, nikolic n (2018) the effectiveness of child restraint and seat belt legislation in reducing child injuries: the case of serbia. traffic inj prev 19:s7-14.

zahavi a, weinberger d, snir m, ron y (2019) management of severe persistent fetal vasculature: case series and review of the literature. int ophthalmol 39:579-587.

karacabeyli d, allender s, pinkney s, amed s (2018) evaluation of complex community‐based childhood obesity prevention interventions. obesity reviews 19:1080-1092.

kostadinov i, daniel m, jones m, cargo m (2017) assessing change in perceived community leadership readiness in the obesity prevention and lifestyle program. health promotion journal of australia 27:208-214.

hennink-kaminski h, vaughn ae, hales d, moore rh, luecking ct, ward ds (2018) parent and child care provider partnerships: protocol for the healthy me, healthy we (hmhw) cluster randomized control trial. contemporary clinical trials 64:49-57.

haddad j, ullah s, bell l, leslie e, magarey a (2018) the influence of home and school environments on children’s diet and physical activity, and body mass index: a structural equation modelling approach. matern child health j 22:364-375.

ong jx, ullah s, magarey a, leslie e (2016) positive influences of home food environment on primary-school children’s diet and weight status: a structural equation model approach. public health nutr 19:2525-2534.

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