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Journal of Clinical Trials
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White Blood Cell Signaling and Defense Mechanisms in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Periodontitis

Jens M. Herrmann and Jörg Meyle

White blood cell membrane and surface structures are affected by the metabolic disorders and complications found in diabetes mellitus. Therefore, cellular activation, signal propagation, intracellular signaling as well as bactericidal effector functions are altered.
Most likely diabetic symptoms can be corrected by the systemic intervention and treatment of the patients (Antidiabetic Therapy/ADT, i.e. anti-diabetic medication, diet and dietetic supervision, physiotherapy and physical exercises). We hypothesize that simultaneously blood cell functions will improve.
Gum diseases like periodontitis have long been associated with and termed complications of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. Vice versa, after diabetic conditions are corrected, periodontitis treatment will be proven effective, when oral hygiene regimen, full mouth decontamination (FD, i.e. the oral use of topical antiseptics prior and after professional mechanical tooth cleaning, tooth as well as root surface planing, polishing as well as gum and soft tissue decontamination in combination with systemic antibiotics) are performed. To reinforce gum healing, reinfection prevention (RP) as well as supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) will be administered by dental professionals on an individual basis and a detailed schedule.
If periodontal pockets critical for participant's self care are not eliminated by FD including RP and SPT, and niches > 5mm after 6 month persist, patients are informed and offered surgical intervention as indicated for gum disease elimination.