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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Understanding Generation Y's Favorite Spa Scent, Spa Food Versus Spa Service Experience

Irini Lai Fun Tang, Grace Suk Ha Chan, Theresa Tan-Chew and Roberta Wong Leung

The paper aims to review the understanding of Generation Y’s preferred spa consumption behavior, particularly their scent, food and service experience. This research involves 40 spa students specializing in Leisure & Spa study in City University of Macao, with focus on their spa consumption experience. The findings suggest the use of social media has somewhat influence on the consumption of specific spa products, whether in relation to their destination choice or image, as well as spa venues. Opinions generated from social media use considerably influences the formation of individual spa purchase intention.
The escalating pressure in the daily lives of people in cities, especially Macao, Hong Kong and cities in Mainland China increased the general public’s level of anxiety and depression, particularly those of Generation Y who actively indulge in social media matters, because they equally seek for spa consumption opportunities. This study uncovers new findings on the spa experience of Generation Y to meet the customized and personalized needs of Generation Y international travelers and to ensure practitioners can cope with the demands of various rapid instant technology communication purchase patterns