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UK Banking Sector and Micro-Finance System

Dr. Lalita Mishra

The concept of microfinance has been understood in the above part of study and basically, the microfinance deals with the special provision of financial services to clients who have low income and solidarity lending groups. The customers for micro financing can be the customers or self-employed people who usually do not have access to the banking related services(Goldsmith,2002) The micro financing is a movement towards the development of the economy and to move towards the world in which there are so many poor and near poor households for the permanent access to an appropriate range of high quality financial services and the services such as savings, insurance, and fund transfers are also involved in the study rather than credits only. The micro credit is only an aspect of the microfinance as the concept of micro finance covers lot many of things in the financial services. The micro finance cater to the various usual and unusual problems of poor and near poor clients and therefore, it is difficult to assess the overall impact of micro finance and the partial impact can be known but not the complete impact of micro finance can be known by the research study. The research will aim and focus on the microfinance of UK and will study HSBC and Barclays Banks.