Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


Trade Unions’ Strategy in the Context of Globalisation: A Case Analysis on an open-market economy, Mauritius

Dr Nirmal Kumar Betchoo

This research aims at understanding how globalisation impacts trade union organisations in Mauritius, an islandnation in the Indian Ocean which is also considered as one of the most developed economies in the sub-Saharan African region. Taking into consideration that globalisation is no longer a buzzword as initiated in the mid-nineties, trade union leaders in Mauritius cannot state that they are spared such a factor. Island economies are affected by global forces and the Financial Crisis 2008 rendered more vulnerable small economies. In this context, even employment within the workplace suffered and in the same way trade unions were questioned as to their relevance in a modern and changing world. The research aimed as asking whether there was a need for trade unions to believe in globalisation and consider that this phenomenon affects their future. Based on a mixed-method study that comprised both quantitative and qualitative questions, the study found out that trade unions did consider the global environment in Mauritius and accepted that they could no more be shielded from global changes. At the same time, employees who responded to the research stated that trade unions had to properly consider globalisation including the related factors affecting them. The study revealed that if trade unions in Mauritius adapted their strategies by learning what takes place globally and abiding by such changes either through adaptation or implementation of new strategies, they could survive in the future which is characterised by more uncertain nowadays.