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Tourism Development Potentials of St. Yared Heritages in Aksum: Assessment to Intervention 2018

Teklebrhan G Legese

Title: ‘Tourism Development Potentials of St. Yared Heritages: the case of Aksum town Tigray is the cradle of Ethiopia’s civilization resulted from plenty of contributions among which St. Yared is an exemplary. The contribution of St. Yared for Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in one hand and for Ethiopian tourism industry on the other hand can be said tremendous. This study is entitled ‘Tourism Development Potentials of St. Yared Heritages: the case of Aksum town. Aksum is the most historic place of Ethiopia endowed with incredible world heritages. The main objective of this study is to assess the tourism development potentials of St. Yared heritages in Aksum town. To achieve this objective the study has employed qualitative research method, and employed both primary and secondary sources as data instruments. In the study interview, field observation and photos used as primary sources while document analysis as secondary sources. The main findings of the study show that the tangible and intangible heritages associated with Saint Yared are the music compositions, together with the precise distinctness of chants and hymns performances of St. Yared, the music instruments he was used like kebero (drum), begena, masinko, kirar washint (flute) and Tisnasil (sistrum) etc, the main books, his history in church education and contribution to the present in general, the way of life of his colleagues in church education and other treasures are among the main tourism resources of St. Yared works. Though Saint Yared and his works have enormous tourism potentials still not yet used much for tourism development. The saint resources in Aksum should developed into tourism products and it is an opportunity for product diversification in the town, increases length of tourist stay in the tow