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Journal of Bone Research
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Thrombopathies and Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation: Stakes and Perspectives

Zmouli N, Lamia Ait Ouali, Houari Toumi and Mohamed Hammadi

Thrombopathies are hemorrhagic pathologies involving diverse anomalies and of which the clinical and biological expression are variables. The constitutional thrombopathies are rarer than the acquired forms. However, they are rather frequent in our country because of the strong endogamy. They brought an essential information about the molecular bases of the platelet function. Treatment of thrombopathy requires, first of all symptomatic measures: haemostatic glues, desmopressin and the blood transfusion which must be only reserved for the difficult gestures or for the high hemorrhagic risk. The Allogeneic bone-marrow transplantation represents the only curative treatment and requires a compatible donor HLA.