The Value Added Tourism Logistics Industry of Thailand | Abstract
Journal of Tourism & Hospitality

Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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The Value Added Tourism Logistics Industry of Thailand

Kemkanit Sanyanunthana and Benabdelhafid A

The purpose of this article is to study the Value Added Logistics and Supply Chain Value in tourism industry of Thailand. The concept is to study tourism logistics strategies on the view of the foreign tourists, also other involved people. The satisfaction of the tourists with the components and tourism, logistics management has resulted in a visit over the country for development and value added logistics management in tourism. The researcher compiles a guide to the development of value added supply chain and logistics management in Thailand tourism, also evaluate the management of efficiency changes and compare potential investment between each province of Thailand region. In order to increase value added for Thailand tourism industry, seeking opportunity and increasing competition ability for Thai tourism entrepreneur to ASEAN community including the development of tourism supply and increasing competition ability for Thailand foundation among market opportunity, tourist demand and supply configuration. This study could assist government sector and private sector to determine tourism business operation policy and investment of new tourism attraction policy. Furthermore, produce higher logistic network for transportation plan, decrease the expenses of operation on creating the value added through tourism and commercial aviation. Thailand is valued as the initial country which has the variety of operation. Moreover, the Thai government has the intention to push the country to be the center of tourism travel in the ASEAN regions because of several readiness especially the conditions of geographic location of Thailand which is like it is located in the center of region considered as the pathway among the ASEAN Economic Community, and create the competitive advantages for Thailand. This research is carried out by both qualitative and quantitative research types. The purposes of this study are to study the tourists’ requirements which reflect the impacts of tourism environments and potentials assessment of tourism for tourism development which can create values, improve the competitive ability of tourism business, enhance the potentials of tourism logistics in Thailand, and create the benefits for the further research.

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