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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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The Use of Mycorrhizae to Enhance Phosphorus Uptake: A Way Out the Phosphorus Crisis

Alice Roy- Bolduc and Mohamed Hijri

In order to maintain crop yields, modern agricultural systems are highly dependent on continual inputs of Phosphate-based fertilizers. These fertilizers are processed from phosphate rock, which is a non-renewable natural resource. Therefore, the world could soon face a resource scarcity crisis that might affect global food security. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, which form a symbiosis with the roots of nearly all vascular plants, could play a key role in solving the phosphate shortage problem. Mycorrhizal symbioses are recognized for their importance in plant nutrition, particularly in phosphorus uptake. Also, by improving the efficiency of nutrients uptake, and by increasing plant resistance to pathogens and abiotic stresses, mycorrhizal symbiosis can enhance plant growth and therefore reduce the need for Phosphate-based fertilizers. In this review, we provide an update of recent findings and reports on inorganic phosphorus and on mycorrhizae as the cornerstone of a "second green revolution".