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The Trade-Offs between Job Satisfaction, Performance, and Locus of Control on Job Performance: Case of Sohana Outfitters Company

Shahab Nazariadli

The purpose of this study is to understand the reason Sohanna Outfitters Company’s employees are performing highly effectively. This purpose hasbeen sought through analysis of three constructs which literature has supported their impact: job satisfaction, job stress and locus of control. This paper analyzed the secondary data gathered by Case Western Reserve University. The results indicate that these employees have been highly influenced by gender and their levels of education. In addition, each of the behavioral constructs has been impacting employees’ level of productivity relatively substantially. This study’s results might help the managers and investors of the similar companies to understand better the factors which impact the productivity of their personnel. After that, enabling them to set out strategic planning/policies in order to control, sustain and increase the productivity of their staff.