Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
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The Testing Landscape of Autoimmune Neurological Conditions: Newly Discovered Cell Surface and Intracellular Antigens

Ilana Heckler and Iswariya Venkataraman*

Studies on immune-mediated neurological dysfunction over the last two decades have led to the development of number novel diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. Neural autoantibodies can largely be classified based either on the localization of the antigen (synaptic/neuronal cell surface verses intracellular) or by etiology (autoimmune versus paraneoplastic). Neural autoantibodies can be detected in the blood and CSF and have the potential to serve as disease markers alone. This review summarizes the current understanding of pathophysiology of neural antigens recently identified in the last 15 years involved in paraneoplastic, idiopathic, and para-infectious disorders for which antibody testing is commercially available in the United States.

Published Date: 2022-04-07; Received Date: 2022-03-07