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The Role Played by Strategic Planning in the Performance of Hotel HR Departments: The Case of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC)

Ismet Esenyel and Ahmed Ghazi Mahafzah

Hotel’s Human Resource management is critical to its success. Having a Top-level management is an advantage not only to the human resource alone but also to the hotel regarding positioning itself in the industry. Well-organized hotels bag many clients due to their pleasing services, which meet the customer’s needs. However, today many players in the hospitality industry are reluctant to establish an effective HR department in their long-term process as they find the process of establishing a long-term human resource strategic plan and department costly. For instance, according to research carried out by , they find out that managers in most hotels in Northern Cyprus used an inputoriented approach to boost productivity such as marketing and advertisements instead of establishing an effective HR department. The day-to-day life cycle of a hotel requires effective planning. For that reason, in the strategic plans of hotels, there should be a functioning Human Resource department which will ensure that the long run the hotel’s performance is adequate. Similarly, Hotels should have a well-stipulated HR framework, which is vividly spelled out in the Strategic formulation process. However, during the initial process when coming up with a strategic plan the power within proper HR management most of the times, it is overlooked. This paper will provide a survey that was carried out in two hotels in the Republic of Turkish Northern Cyprus Kwon as Merit Cyril hotel and Colony Hotel respectively. The study will provide a wider picture of how HR performance is affected by strategic planning.