Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


The Role of Positioning in Strategic Brand Management – Case of Home Appliance Market

Lhotáková M. and Olšanová K.

With growing competitiveness in the national as well as international markets, brands have increasing importance in consumer decision making process. Brands help consumers to choose products that satisfy their needs, fit their emotions and help them demonstrate their place in the society. Current financial crises proved that strong brands can do well even in bad times. Global brands ranked at the top of the most valued world´s brands put a lot of efforts in development of the right positioning, keeping it up-to-date and consistent across all brand´s activities. Positioning is broadly used tool of brand development but deep analyses and real cases of positioning development are rare. The objective of this paper is to analyse the existing theoretical fundamentals of positioning as well as day-today business practices and following that to formulate a positioning development model, a tool that will help marketers in brand management to create proper brand positioning and develop intended consumer brand perception.