Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


The Relationship of Aida Model in Term of Website Design and Structure towards Purchasing Decision on Zalora Indonesia (A Case Study of President University Student)

Hafid Pradipta and Purwanto

Growth of internet in Asia specifically in Indonesia is contributed to the growth of electronic commerce. Ranked number 9 in term of internet user worldwide, Indonesia electronic commerce shopper is also growth to 6.5% from Indonesian population. Fashion is the most desired category to be bought online followed by games and video. This growth in fashion also has impact worldwide especially to physical store online shop. However, in Indonesia, customer still look for information of desired goods in internet before purchasing it in physical store. This problem of not buying in the website directly is what researcher wants to analyzed. This research aims to identify the relationship of website design and structure toward purchasing decision among Zalora Indonesia’s customer in President University. Researcher is using theory of AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in term of website design and structure to figure out the relationship between those variables toward purchasing decision. Variable in website design and structure based on AIDA models are: visual appeal, ease of use, interactivity, trustworthiness and convenience. The research is using quantitative analysis. Data were gathered from 100 respondents of President University student who already purchase goods online via Zalora Indonesia at least once. The study indicated Visual Appeal, Ease of Use, and Trustworthiness and Convenience partially and collectively have significant impact.