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The Relationship between the Engagement, System Thinking, Leading Learning, Self-Awareness and Students’ Outcomes in Niger State Secondary Schools

Garba Bagobiri, Soib Asimiran, Ramli Basri

The connection between the principals’ leadership attributes and students’ academic achievements have been a topic of discussion worldwide. There is general belief that principals’ leadership impact students’ success in schools. Therefore, to scrutinize on those educational leadership attributes becomes paramount. This paper examines the connection between the Engagement, system thinking, Leading learning, self-awareness and students’ outcomes in Niger state secondary schools. The study is a quantitative approach and employed correlation analysis to determine the correlation between the Engagement, system thinking, leading learning, self-awareness and students’ outcomes in Niger state senior secondary schools, Nigeria. The study includes all the senior and assistant senior masters, which gives the total population of 460. The sample size is 272 and was determined by using the Cochran formula. The simple random sampling technique was used. Questionnaire was an instrument used for the collection of data; Leader Attributes Inventory (LAI) was used to measure the Principals’ Leadership Attributes and it measures each of the 37 leadership attributes. The findings indicated that, all the educational leadership attributes, including Engagement, system thinking, leading learning and self-awareness are strongly and positively significantly correlated to students’ academic outcomes.