Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective
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ISSN: 2319-7285


The Quality of Educational Services and Its Effect on Students Satisfaction an Empirical Study on Students of Alrifaq Private University in Libya

Ali Abdulssalam Kammur

This study aims to demonstrate the effect of educational services on student satisfaction in Alrifaq private university in Libya, in order to achieve that, the researcher has designed a questionnaire included (28) clauses to collect preliminary information from the students. In light of that, data collection and analysis and test of hypothesis have been conducted. After data analysis operations of data and hypothesis of the study, the study reached number of results such as: Improvement quality of educational service reflected positively on the level of student satisfaction. The study also revealed that there is a statistically indicative effect of quality of educational service on student satisfaction at an indication level value (0.05). The most important recommendations of the study are: the university shall keep emphasizing on commitment and continuous development of the educational plan and improve the adopted programs by the university to increase the quality of its education process.

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