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The Natural Existence of Servant Leadership in Military Health Care System

Fayez S. Alasmari

Background: Attributes or characteristics of a leader play an important role in determining an organization’s future in terms of performance and success. This has prompted significant research which has led to several leadership theories and leadership styles. One of the leadership theories that has attracted attention from scholars, researchers, and practitioners is servant leadership, which has been suggested as quite effective in improving organizational performance.
Methods: In this paper, the concept of servant leadership and its relevance and effectiveness to Medical Services Department (MSD) for the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense in Saudi Arabia has been discussed and analyzed. Specifically, a detailed analysis of servant leadership and its applicability to the military context has been provided.
Results: It is suggested that characteristics of servant leadership are quite relevant and applicable to the context of the military setting.
Conclusion: Servant leadership could be a suitable and appropriate way of promoting the performance and efficiency of MSD. The MSD of Saudi Arabia, therefore, may consider introducing and implementing servant leadership at the organization through awareness building to eliminate change resistance and enhance acceptability of this style of leadership at the organization.