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The Journey Ahead – Transition from Brick & Mortar to Ecommerce: Gen Y Perspective

Karthik V. and Deecan Sanyo Chillachi A.

While few Customers prefer to make purchases online others don't. What decision-making factors affect their choice of purchase channel? In this paper, we share some of our observations in order to give a fair understanding for a new entrant in retailing to choose the best operating sales channel between Ecommerce and Brick & Mortar to achieve more sales. This study offers literature review to explain the concept of customers’ choice of channel selection for their purchases. We build the framework using statistical models deploying factor & discriminant analyses. The key findings from our study indicate that, certain factors differentiates between online and brick & mortar stores. It is however critical to understand the variables that best discriminate among the group which influences a consumer to make a purchase channel decision. The study will enable entrepreneurs to better understand and manage what really matters for customers.