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The Influence of Sentimental Analysis and Portfolio Optimization on a Political Event Study

Nandhini.N,, Dr. Sharon Sophia and Maria Evelyn Jucunda.M

This study discusses on effects of Indian general election of 2014 on stock market performance of banking sector. Different factors have been analyzed which affect a stock market performance during this event date. This analysis has found that there is significant relationship between Indian Lok sabha election and Stock market performance. Sentimental analyses of people about the Banks is identified and also Portfolio optimization for the Banks which are listed in NSE BANK NIFTY index have been done during this event date. This study examines how Banks financial parameters are affected by this 16th Lok sabha election. In addition to, Election result is also one of the factors of an investment decision which has proved in this study by the way of conducting an Event study. Portfolio Optimization software has been used to identify the optimal investment that can be made to maximize return with minimal risk.