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The Influence of Maintenance Culture in the Sustainability of Tourism Attractions in Obudu Mountain Resort

Enemuo OB, Ajala J and Offor R

This work weighed the influence of maintenance culture in the sustainability of tourist attractions at Obudu mountain resort. From the objectives of the study, this paper identified the various attractions at the study area, identified the maintenance culture practices in place at the resort, ascertained the level of patronage in the study area, determined the role of maintenance culture in the level of tourists patronage and verified the ways of improving the sustainability of the destination through maintenance and the level of patronage. This paper also aimed to review the determinant factors which influence the development of maintenance culture. This study was guided by five research questions and two hypotheses with simple frequency percentage, mean and chi-square statistics used to analyze the data generated for the study. The research work identified and assessed the maintenance strategies as well as sources of maintenance costs of tourism at Obudu mountin resort. The study found out that the most frequently used maintenance strategies at the resort were the Corrective Maintenance (CM) and the Preventive Maintenance; these two methods were considered cost effective but were not efficient for efficient and reliable for sustainability. In conclusion, Assets and facilities are essential to an organization’s resources, thus improving the working environment and well-being of their maintenance is an important aspect that should be given serious attention. This is where the need for the roles of each member of the organization involved in maintenance tasks with a clear understanding that regard to maintenance culture. Based on the finding recommendations were made.