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The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Employees Retention in Kenya Power Company Ltd

Amboka Asumwa Agustine and Fred Ssemugenyi

Human Resource practices provide a supportive work environment that affords opportunities to grow and develop. In turn, organizations get profits from quality service provided by employees. Despite the recognition of the turbulent nature of the operating environment of the public corporations in Kenya, there is no study done yet on the influence of human resources management practices on employees’ retention in Kenya Power. The main objective was to investigate the influence of human resources management practices on employees’ retention in Kenya Power. This research was studied through the use of a descriptive research design. The target respondents included 1000 top, middle and low level staffs drawn from regional offices of Kenya Power. Stratified random sampling technique was used where a sample of 10% (100 respondents) were selected. The study used a survey questionnaire administered individually to all respondents of the study. Quantitative data collected was analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics using SPSS and presented through percentages, means, standard deviations and frequencies. Compensation, leadership, job placement and training influence retention of employees. Better and advanced compensation strategies should be introduced as a way of satisfying employees. The Organization should embrace proper leadership styles that inspire a shared vision, seeking broad input, and encouraging everyone to think of a new and better future. Kenya Power needs to employ various job placement strategies in recruiting staff. Kenya Power should conduct regular staff training to help them further their knowledge and skills and enable employees to perform better after the training.